Married and Looking: Thank God for Polygamy in Canada

March 4, 2010

Polygamy and Freedom of Religion in Canada

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It seems very backwards to me that recent defense for polygamy comes from freedom of religion. It should be the opposite, freedom from religion, or rather the laws and tennents of a specific religion, should be what is argued for.  Monogamy as we know it is to my knowledge strictly Romanized Christian theory. Yes, there where pagan monogamists (I mentioned Rome last post) but their idea of monogamy would not mesh well with our idea of monogamy. In all of the several cases I know of there is a system of concubinage, slavery, or wife sharing that makes their monogamy a far cry from our 1:1 ideals.  Monogamy as we know it is nothing if not for being established religous law that was conveyed to the Canadian system via English law*.  If the state is indeed secular and favorable to different beliefs it doesn’ t have grounds to promote a strictly orthodox Christian view of marriage on the population weather they be heterodox Christians or some other thing.

Yes, nowadays secularists such as feminists appear to support monogamy as well, but from all I’ve seen it seems like they actually disapprove of polygyny** while supporting or favoring the toleration of polyamoury (or polyandry). The support for monogamy only goes far enough to condemn polygyny.

*A recent U of Calgary paper worked to show the anti polygamy laws we have on the books now where introduced to keep native populations in line, to be honest they make a good case.

** Only the man is allowed to have more than one spouse or partner.  When I say polygamy I generally mean this.



  1. Hello again Ms. Toni T-K

    I’m sorry I’ve been so long in getting back to you, as I mentioned on my blog I’ve been on a study\family break for the past three months and one of the things I cut for that was regular internet use. I would be happy to provide you any information or insights I have concerning polygamy if you are still interested. While I am not American I am familiar with many of the laws and difficulties with Polygamy there, and as a Citizen of one of your allied nations I would like to take a second to thank both you and your husband for your military service protecting the freedom of both your own country and helping to protect the whole free world.

    Concerning children, your sentiments are pretty common at least among polygamous wives. My wife has had difficulties with her last couple pregnancies and decided that it is better for her not to have more children after this, but she is very happy that our family may have more children with our second wife when we find the right person. (we are not actively polygamous, we have had several prospects but it is difficult to find someone who is both open to a polygamous family and shares our particular goals and ideas, if it is difficult to find two that can share a long road it is more to find three or more)

    I could direct you to other polygamous-minded women around your age group, but to do so well I think I would need to know more about where you’re coming from with this. There is a site I could send you to that is more Mormon\FLDS polygamy focused and another that is mainstream Protestant (Lutheran\Pentecostal\Baptist\Messianic). If your coming to this from a totally secular perspective there are also like minded people to talk too, though I do not have contact information for you.

    I would be happy to carry on a correspondence and allow you to avail yourself of my research on this topic, If you want to correspond via E-mail you will have to give me one, as the one attacked to your account is not currently working.


    Comment by prariepolyguy — January 3, 2011 @ 10:54 am

  2. I would be happy to corrispond with you and provide you with any information I can offer. Right now my family is growing and busy and I have very little online time, but if you can wait unroll febuary I should be able to corrispond with you in detail. Sorry for the wait.

    Comment by prariepolyguy — December 4, 2010 @ 10:37 pm

  3. I. I am VERY interested in starting a polygamy family, preferbly with an existing Poly-community, near Colorado Springs Colorado, near Ft. Carson Colorado would be ideal, but I am flexible.
    a- I have 15+ years ex-military with BS in Business degree from Regis University. Jerry has 15 years in military as well with Bacheloret degree in Forensics & with 2 year degree in Computer Science.
    b- My husband & I have no children and his 2 boys are off on their own. I was not with him when he raised his sons.
    c- This may be far fetched, yet I would love to see my husband father a few children, and be their “Auntes” or other Mom.
    c– At this time my husband is not interested.,yet he is open minded to look closer after I decide this is what I would truly want for the rest of my life.
    d–Will you email me?, & maybe even meet to talk with other women in their mid 40’s?And 2nd wifes who have decided to join with an older couple like us.
    E—-I would be honored with your guidance & true honesty about the pro’s & cons of Spiritual Polygamy life styl.

    Comment by Ms. Toni T-K — November 19, 2010 @ 2:45 am

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