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April 9, 2010

Times change

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I saw a quote attributed to Aristotle, ‘Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society’. Now,  its been a while since I read translations of Aristotles works, and even then I only read some of what I was interested in, and I wouldn’t count things Aristotle said as Cannon Truth anyway, so I fully admit the quote may be his. Either way I had to like the quote.

Peace and prosperity just don’t last. I know we are at war, and us civilians feel it in terms of general losses we mourn and specific losses when a freind or family member is lost, but we don’t feel the pressure of war in our day to day lives.  We’re not subject to rationing, we’re not subject to draft like the Statists down south where, and we don’t have a lot at stake personally in the conflict, we don’t have much to gain or lose (one may say preventing terrorism, but I can’t help but think thats unrealistic even if we could totally stabilize Afghanistan, victory in Afghanistan will not end terrorism). For the most part we have a lifestyle as if we where at peace.  As for prosperity we live in a culture where food, entertainment, decorations, and luxuries abound so that even below the ‘poverty line’ we can live like kings.  Even through hard times where jobs are scarce resources abound so that it is perfectly possible to survive on what is considered close to nothing if you have some basic skills and resources and the ability to create and keep a budget.

We, as Canadians in general, have fantastic living conditions. Some cities may be overpriced and others may have a very poor job market, but you can still make do, or in the worse case move.

As one ought to expect, when people have what they want they do what they want, and left to their own philosophies they destroy the very things that uphold the things they value.  Since the last war crime in general is up, especially petty crimes that indicate a deeper selfishness and apathy towards others, family stability is way down, and looking at elementary and high schools (and even universities) shows us that things are set to take a much deeper plunge in the next couple decades.

Tolerance is moving gradually from being a virtue in which you take the time to consider where the other person is coming from to an excuse not to hear the other side out.  The banner virtue of Tolerance has already been perverted to the extent where people have been ordered silenced by our courts in the name of tolerance. Lets think that out, in the name of listening and understanding people are silenced… Canada is becoming an intolerant society in the name of tolerance, that last thing people see as a virtue that really is a virtue is in the throws of being perverted to mean the very opposite of what it really means.

We should expect that peace and prosperity will crumble, prosperity first, then when we are weak our peace will go. Such things have happened and will happen again until the end of time. I doubt it is the end of time , though it may be, but it is a safe bet that we will have some sort of crash, failure, or destruction in our near future. Not minor wars or minor recessions but major ‘I wish I had more survival skills’ changes.

And in the wake of that we can get people to really think, that’s where we get to some good ground for another revival.


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