Married and Looking: Thank God for Polygamy in Canada

June 2, 2010


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I finished watching through Big Love with my wife recently, it was very entertaining. It made me remember why I don’t bother with dramas or sitcoms much though. So much of the plot seemed to rely on poor communication skills. For some reason it reminded me of the show Family Matters from when I was a kid, but I haven’t watched that show in so long I can’t give an example. Anyway, I guess if it wasn’t for poor communication and standard TV hyperbole it wouldn’t be much of a spectacle. Not a bad show overall, got kind of dull in season 4 since they had to take absolutely everything in the plot way over the top and it felt like it was trying get by on shock factor rather than interesting writing. Running for governor now, uh huh, huge technological fertilizing conspiracy, whatever, deep collaborative extortion (when they’re actually helping him get a seat) right, anyway…  I’d almost rather be watching Sunny Patch with the kids :). Season 1 had the most interpersonal stuff and it was much more interesting.

I should dig out Lenny Henrys Chef!, that was  funny show in its first few seasons, not many episodes though…  Its kind of funny to me that shows like DragonBall and Sailor Moon seem to have more character depth and focus on interpersonal relationships than our shows that are supposed to be about pretty well nothing but interpersonal relationships.


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