Married and Looking: Thank God for Polygamy in Canada

March 4, 2010

Polygamy and Freedom of Religion in Canada

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It seems very backwards to me that recent defense for polygamy comes from freedom of religion. It should be the opposite, freedom from religion, or rather the laws and tennents of a specific religion, should be what is argued for.  Monogamy as we know it is to my knowledge strictly Romanized Christian theory. Yes, there where pagan monogamists (I mentioned Rome last post) but their idea of monogamy would not mesh well with our idea of monogamy. In all of the several cases I know of there is a system of concubinage, slavery, or wife sharing that makes their monogamy a far cry from our 1:1 ideals.  Monogamy as we know it is nothing if not for being established religous law that was conveyed to the Canadian system via English law*.  If the state is indeed secular and favorable to different beliefs it doesn’ t have grounds to promote a strictly orthodox Christian view of marriage on the population weather they be heterodox Christians or some other thing.

Yes, nowadays secularists such as feminists appear to support monogamy as well, but from all I’ve seen it seems like they actually disapprove of polygyny** while supporting or favoring the toleration of polyamoury (or polyandry). The support for monogamy only goes far enough to condemn polygyny.

*A recent U of Calgary paper worked to show the anti polygamy laws we have on the books now where introduced to keep native populations in line, to be honest they make a good case.

** Only the man is allowed to have more than one spouse or partner.  When I say polygamy I generally mean this.


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