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March 1, 2014

Gay Pride in regaurds to volition vs compultion.

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It strikes me that whatever the activity, pride and unwilling compulsion are opposed to each other. Someone who is praised and replies ‘I just did what I had to.’ is showing some humility and downplaying what they did.

It next strikes me amusing that the lobby (and I say lobby, as opposed to individuals, whos views vary widely) chooses to define itself by its pride, and indeed name its events for pride, also at present tends to choose compulsion as its argument to justify its activities.  Speaking plainly I am of course amused that the the gay pride lobbies foremost argument is that they where born that way and didn’t make a choice.

Now lets set the research on that very topic aside quickly by saying the usual ‘identical twins aren’t identically gay or straight’ ect and get to the rather better topic of even if the evidence existed people where born and set one way or another would one want to use it to state their case? Would it be a good case in the first place?

Certainly not. First of all, those that oppose homosexuality by and large do so because they view it as a pernicious activity. It is in and of itself destructive. The argument that it is compulsory is essentially saying to them ‘I must be destructive, it’s not my choice’. That has no effect on their opposition at all, except perhaps to garner some pity if they beleive you. It is saying to them only that you have a mental disorder that falls in line with many other compulsive and destructive mental disorders. It does nothing to actually vindicate or justify your position, contrary it makes it look rather worse. Saying I can’t help it doesn’t say anything about weather something is good or bad. It’s a non-argument.

Next, for those who support homosexuality, or are homosexual themselves it takes away from really taking pride in their stance. If that is really the stance than their love will never be ‘this is what I want for myself’ and only ever be ‘this is what my body happens to want me to want’. They can never truely seize their action as their own choice, their own will, and their own volition. It’s only ever I like guys because thats what my genes (or whatever they ascribe it too) tell me, never that I like them because I love a certain individual and he happens to be my gender or because of certain application of forms or any other such thing.

With that argument in play ones love is only ever what one happens to love, not what one chooses to love. Gay would only ever be what one happens to be, never what one is. It cannot carry with it the pride of making a choice, of self-determination, of self-identification.

Only a hard line determinist could ever be really happy with that as an argument, anyone with an ounce of pride in freedom should groan at any ‘born that way’ argument in regards to any action.

The only reason this argument exists is for the Gay lobby to try to latch itself onto racial issues. Anyone (on either side of the argument) who thinks about what the argument actually implies should be wholly disgusted at it.

My wife of course is bi at her volition, and preferred women (and strongly disliked me) at her volition before we where together. She said it was her choice long before the ‘born that way’ movement got going, and quite dislikes it now.


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