Married and Looking: Thank God for Polygamy in Canada

March 3, 2010

Getting into polygamy

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A couple years before we where married we began discussing polygamy as something that might suit some things that we both wanted in a marriage. We took about a year to study before we got serious about it, primarily we studied scripture then history. To be honest once the ‘no woman would want it’ rhetoric is scrapped and falsified (by my own experience) the other objections fall away as petty, foolish, or downright wrong very quickly. So we decided to take a few years just the two of us and start looking. In that time we kept reading and reasoning and our views on polygamy have changed from ‘its good for us’ to ‘the reasons people oppose it are very messed up’. I guess after so much time reading I want to write about it a little, theologically monogamy is bogus and ultimately hurting the Church, and practically it has much more potential for harm than good.


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